Uncover your greatest opportunities for a better Sales Growth.

Sales Performance management is more than just a compensation plan. Improve your Sales performance management with better management of incentive compensation plans, and smarter administration of sales territories and quotas and creating a Successful culture.

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Key themes to be addressed, but not limited to:

Sales Performance Management It's More than Just Compensation

Backbone of Sales Performance Management

Mantra to create a Success Culture: Don't make them do what you want "make them want what you want"

What Comes After Sales Performance Reviews?

Sales Performance Management: The Swinging Pendulum

Who will attend Sales Permormance Management Summit 2017?

Attendees who will attend the Conference will learn new strategies, resolve challenges, plan and execute their vision for creating more successful culture and improve their Sales Performance Management in their organization. Sales leaders who understand that a performance-based culture is more than simply a collection of techniques and processes are those who will benefit most from this summit.

Who will you meet at the Sales Permormance Management Summit 2017?

Vice President Sales / Head of Sales / Sales Director / National Sales Manager / Chief Sales Officer
Sales Operations Manager / HR Leaders specialising in:








Medical Devices


Health, Policy & Control




Financial Services












Publication houses





Who should sponsor Sales Permormance Management Summit 2017?

Sales performance Management summit brings all the decision maker under one roof. This summit allows your team to meet and network with an elite group of head of sales, sales operations, Director - Sales and many more. We focus on intimate conference settings where your team can start to build relationships with new prospect. If your technology or service benefits Sales or Sales Performance, you should be there in the Conference.