Automation and AI are disrupting the economy and making sales jobs disappear.

Publised on: 01 - 10 -2018

  • 1. Forrester (2015) 22% of sales roles are going to disappear within 4 years & Gartner believe that by 2020 85% of B2B transactions will occur without any human intervention.
  • 2. Big data analytics as a skill has seen a 10X increase from 2014-2017 and is the fastest growing skill on LinkedIn.
  • 3. Jobs listings for AI & machine learning requirements have increased 234% year over year.
Will sales be a victim of this trend?
Based on these trends future of sales does indeed look bleak!
But is this the full story? What if buyers really do want, even need sales.
When we consider the customer relationship continuum? - Where the salesperson moves from vendor through to strategic business advisor? – and the data shows that the sales professionals that are now most in demand have a more strategic skill set, rather than transactional sales skills.
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